Tadpoles in The Brakes
 Front Yard Which is Also a Graveyard
 Loud Rain Comes to the Door as a Four Cornered Thing
 How To Cut A Whale In Half
 A Kind of Burning Up
 A Fair Fight
 Listen Close
 Performing femininity
 Abs at Night
 Before Anything We Were Skin and Seed And We Will Return To That
 A Plea 
 Cauliflower Moth
 Parasites Come Out of Scars From Accidents And Fights
 I Keep Seeing These
 I Am The Skin That is All Skins
 Fear Eater
 Tin Man Heart Surgery
 Costumes of the Shamanic Practitioner
 Channeling Fear Energy
 I Can't Tell If It's Dead Or Alive
 Energy Distribution Lesson
  Diagram of What a Certain Social Gathering Was Not
 There She is With Her Breasts Out
 Interspecies Union
 Strange Sunburn
 It's On The Tip of My Tongue But The Tip is Hard To Reach
 Inner Moth
 Mom's Old Habits
 "Flick Pitch": an Indian film about the sounds bubbles make when flicked
 Arm Anatomy Lesson: The Sky Part, The Earth Part, and the Water Part   
 Mulberry Bees
 What Mother Spider Says
 A Delicate Balance
 Ancestors in the House
 "Why are they hugging? Do you think it's because they got burned?"
 Blue Dig
 Reversing Indebtedness   
 A Creative Act
 I'd Wear That
 Night Boot
 The Red of Motion and The Blue of Distance
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